Monday, 10 July 2017

AEM Ecommerce Unleashed-2 / Hybris integration with AEM

Creating Customized Ecom provider

What is Commerce Provider in AEM’s Ecommerce?

After my previous article on ecommerce's example you have seen that I used “geometrixx” as my commerce provider which already exists in code set of geometrixx. In this article, we’ll learn why we require this commerceprovider and how to create it.

How a Commerce Provider works?

When importing data from a commerce engine into your AEM eCommerce site, a commerce provider is used to supply the importers with data. One commerce provider can support multiple importers. A commerce provider is AEM code customized to either:
1. interface to a back-end commerce engine
2. implement a commerce system on top of the JCR repository
Though usually a project will need to develop their own, customized, commerce provider specific to their PIM and product data schema.

How can I create my own Commerce Provider?

The ProductServicesManager maintains (through OSGi) a list of implementations of the ProductImporter and CatalogBlueprintImporter interfaces. These are listed in the Importer/Commerce Provider dropdown field of the importer wizard (using the commerceProvider property as a name).
When a specific importer/commerce provider is available from the dropdown, any supplemental data it needs must be defined (depending on the importer type) in either:



The folder under the appropriate importers folder must match the importer name; for example: .../importproductswizard/importers/geometrixx/.content.xml

The format of the source import file is defined by the importer. Or the importer may establish a connection (e.g WebDAV or http) to the commerce engine.

1. Create Service Factory : Highlighted one is defining my commerce provider
@Component(metatype = true, label = "Adobe CQ Commerce Factory for Training")


@Properties(value = {

       @Property(name = "service.description", value = "Factory for training commerce service"),       @Property(name = "commerceProvider", value = "ckj-test")

}) public class ckjServiceFactory extends AbstractJcrCommerceServiceFactory implements CommerceServiceFactory { 

   public CommerceService getCommerceService(Resource res) {

       return new ckjServiceImpl(getServiceContext(), res);   } 

2. Creating respective files like ckjServiceImpl, ckjSessionImpl, ckjProductImpl, SimpleDSComponent, click here to download all code.
3. Once you’ve your code at place then in content node make sure to change following property:
You can replace cq:commerceProvider value from “geometrixx” to “ckj-test” and all functionalities should work as expected.

Integration of Hybris with AEM

Setting up Hybris server?

Please go through below URLs posted by me for setting up hybris server on your local and do a product import, on this video I've explained in detail but in case if you're facing any issue then please feel free to contact

You can also go through adobe’s URL :

Creating Hybris Connectors?

To create Hybris connector, we can get their code from Hybris directly and can create ours based on that with modification if required. Here is a link of some developer who shared a sample hybris connector code, I'm not sure how correct is it but very soon I'll share mine as well:

Connecting AEM using Hybris Connector?

First of all, from Hybris end all the process must have a webservice API created which need to be called with required param from AEM end via :
1. Using Hybris API methods. 2. Using Ajax call on Hybris API.

So, with this I end my Ecommerce implementation in AEM. Please share your feedback if any and help to improvise as well, your effort will be appreciated and known. On Ecommerce I'll continue to share more articles like payment gateway integration etc. Thanks for going through this article.


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